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Search Not Returning Data - Silverlight 4

Apr 17, 2012 at 3:26 PM

We have a Silverlight 4 application with EntityFramework, Ria Services, MVVM framework - We are replacing some older twitter code with LinqToTwitter. The code below is what we are doing after we get our search. We unfortunately are not getting anything back. We get to the _query.AsyncCallback - but it never gets into the foreach(var _searchResult in _results) - any help is appreciated.

foreach (string _searchText in _searches)
                        var _query = from _search in _twitterContext.Search
                                     where _search.Type == SearchType.Search && _search.Query == _searchText
                                     select _search;
                        _query.AsyncCallback(_results => Application.Current.MainWindow.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
                            foreach (var _searchResult in _results)
                                foreach (var _resultItem in _searchResult.Results)
                                    dynamic _item = new ExpandoObject ();
                                    _item.from_user = _resultItem.FromUserName;
                                    _item.text = _resultItem.Text;
                                    _item.profile_image_url = _resultItem.ProfileImageUrl;
                                    _item.created_at = _resultItem.CreatedAt.ToString();
                                    _item.time_elapsed_str = "test";