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Cannot view status by statusID

Oct 28, 2012 at 8:56 PM

Whenever I try to navigate to twitter with a url like below i get an error. What i am doing is taking the supplied statusID and building a link as below so the user can view a status as they would when they click on the date in a status located on their homepage at witter. But I keep getting error. The same status on their homepage at twitter has a different statusID than the one supplied from twitter for our api.

What in the world do i do for a work around?

Oct 28, 2012 at 9:39 PM
Edited Oct 28, 2012 at 9:39 PM


I just checked this and verified that on a normal tweet the StatusID is matching what Twitter uses in their details page. However, I was curious about finding a scenario where this wasn't true. So, I looked at what happens with a retweet.

With a retweet, the StatusID is for the retweet, not the retweeted status. So, I looked at the RetweetedStatus property of the status and verified that it's StatusID is the one being used in the details page, which makes sense because it is the ID of the original tweet. The example I used was a recent retweet that I did:

Retweet ID:               262273941433905152
Retweeted Status ID: 262008517362331649

where Retweet ID is my retweet. However, the Retweeted Status ID is for the original tweet.

Maybe this is what you're encountering? To code for this, check to see if the RetweetedStatus is not null. If so, use the StatusID of the RetweetedStatus, rather than the top level Status.