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SingleUserAuthorization long-term stable code now broken

Oct 8, 2015 at 12:40 AM
I have written a Windows service two years ago. In the config file are the four keys necessary to run the app using the SingleUserAuthorizer. This app just does some unfollowing of inactive and spam accounts, updates of followers and friends info, grabbing direct messages etc. This app runs for almost two years, never has a problem.

Suddenly the app starts failing. A visit to Twitter to look at the app status show no user access token or secret. In fact these words appear: "You haven't authorized this application for your own account yet." Also the "Create my access token" button is there. Creating new keys and adding them to the config file was allowing the app to run, for about 24 hours for a few days. Then, for about 12 hours for a few days. Now as soon as I generate and use a pair of keys it doesn't take them at all and the app can do no work period.

I also checked to see whether the app had any warnings or issues with regards to TOS or user agreement violations and I see nothing. As I mentioned this app has been running for about two years with no issues.

Although this is probably not a LinqToTwitter issue at all, I need to know if other users are experiencing this with their SingleUserAuthorizer apps. Here is some of the exception output:
        Message=Invalid or expired token. - Please visit the LINQ to Twitter FAQ (at the HelpLink) for help on resolving this error.
        ReasonPhrase=Authorization Required

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.