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Geo Entity

The geo entity contains properties about geographical information. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
Accuracy How accurate results should be string yes
Attribute Name/value pair separated by "=" string yes
ContainedWithin Place ID to restrict search to string yes
Granularity Size of place string yes
ID Place ID string no
IP IP address to find nearby places string yes
Latitude Coordinate latitude double no
Longitude Coordinate longitude double no
MaxResults Number of places to return int yes
PlaceName Name of place for similar places query string no
Places Results showing places matching query List of Place no
Query Search text to help find place string yes
Token Place token from similar places used to create place string yes (CreatePlace) / no (SimilarPlaces)
Type Type of Geo query GeoType no

Twitter API: not documented

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