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Handling Friendships

This section explains how to work with friendships

Creating a Friendship

Follow another user

Destroying a Friendship

Unfollow another user

Showing Incoming Requests

Show IDs of all users requesting friendship with logged in user

Showing Outgoing Requests

Show IDs of all users for whom the logged in user has requested friendship

Showing Friendship Details

Get the details on the relationship between two users

Updating Friendship Settings

Update notification settings

Showing No Retweet IDs

Show IDs of all users for whom the logged in user doesn't want to see retweets

Showing Friends

Get a list of friend User entities

Showing Followers

Get a list of follower User entities

Looking Up Friendships

Look up friendship information.

Listing Friends

Gets IDs of people being followed by the user

Listing Followers

Gets IDs of people following the user

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