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List Entity

The list entity contains properties about lists. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
Count Number of statuses per page int yes
CreatedAt List creation date DateTime no
Cursor Helps page results string yes
CursorMovement Cursors for current request Cursors no
Description List description string yes
FilteredToOwnedLists Only return lists belonging to user bool yes
Following Whether user follows list bool no
FullName Full list name string no
ListID List ID string yes
ListIDResult List ID returned from Twitter string no
MaxID Max ID to retrieve for statuses ulong yes
MemberCount Number of members int no
Mode List mode string yes
Name Short name of list string yes
OwnerID ID of list owner string yes
OwnerScreenName Screen name of list owner string yes
Page Page number to return int no
ScreenName User screen name string yes
SinceID Statuses since this ID string yes
Slug Catchword for list string yes
SlugResult Catchword for list returned from Twitter string no
Statuses Statuses for list List of Status no
SubscriberCount Number of subscribers string no
TrimUser Truncate all user infor, except for ID string yes
Type Type of List query to perform ListType no
Uri List URI string no
UserID User ID string yes
Users Users associated with list List of User no

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