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Listing Followers

Gets IDs of people following the user.

Entity: Friendship
Type: FriendshipType.FollowerIDs
Name Purpose Type Required
Count Number of IDs to return int no
Cursor Separates results into pages long no
ScreenName Screen name of user string only if userID is empty
UserID ID of user string only if screenName is empty

v3.0 Example:
            var followers =
                (from follower in twitterCtx.Friendship
                 where follower.Type == FriendshipType.FollowerIDs &&
                       follower.UserID == "15411837"
                 select follower)

            if (followers != null && 
                followers.IDInfo != null && 
                followers.IDInfo.IDs != null)
                followers.IDInfo.IDs.ForEach(id =>
                    Console.WriteLine("Follower ID: " + id)); 
v2.1 Example:
            var followers =
                (from follower in twitterCtx.SocialGraph
                 where follower.Type == SocialGraphType.Followers &&
                       follower.ID == "15411837"
                 select follower)

            followers.IDs.ForEach(id => Console.WriteLine("Follower ID: " + id));

Twitter API: followers/ids

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