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Making Status Queries and Calls

The status queries match both Twitter timeline queries and working with statuses

Querying the Mentions Timeline

Gets the 20 most recent tweets where the user has been mentioned

Querying the User Timeline

Gets the 20 most recent tweets for a user (doesn't include user's friends)

Querying the Home Timeline

Gets the 20 most recent tweets, including retweets, for a user and user's friends

Getting Statuses Retweeted About a User

Gets the 20 most recent retweets about a user.

Getting the Retweets of a Status

Gets up to 100 retweets of a tweet

Querying Statuses

Gets a specific tweet

Destroying Statuses

Deletes a tweet

Updating Statuses

Creates a new tweet

Retweeting a Status

Performs a retweet of a tweet

Tweeting with Media

Sends a status update with attached media.

Getting Status oEmbed Information

Gets embeddable status information.

Getting Retweeter IDs

Gets up to 100 IDs of users that retweeted a specific tweet

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