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Querying User Details

Look up details on specified users. Returns up to 100 users.

Entity: User
Type: UserType.Lookup
Name Purpose Type Required
IncludeEntities Include Twitter entities bool no
ScreenNameList Comma-separated list of user ScreenNames string only if UserID is empty
UserIDList Comma-separated list of user IDs string only if ScreenName is empty

Note: Max number of users is 100 per query
v3.0 Example:
            var userResponse =
                (from user in twitterCtx.User
                 where user.Type == UserType.Lookup &&
                       user.ScreenNameList == "JoeMayo,Linq2Tweeter"
                 select user)

            if (userResponse != null)
                userResponse.ForEach(user => 
                    Console.WriteLine("Name: " + user.ScreenNameResponse));
v2.1 Example:
            var users =
                (from user in twitterCtx.User
                 where user.Type == UserType.Lookup &&
                       user.ScreenName == "JoeMayo,LinqToTweeter"
                 select user)

            users.ForEach(user => Console.WriteLine("Name: " + user.Name));

Twitter API: users/lookup

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