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Unmute a User

Turn a user's tweets back on.
public async Task<User> UnMuteAsync(
    string screenName, CancellationToken cancelToken = default(CancellationToken));
public async Task<User> UnMuteAsync(
    ulong userID, CancellationToken cancelToken = default(CancellationToken))
Name Purpose Type Required
cancelToken Allows .NET cancellation framework CancellationToken no
screenName Screen name of user to mute string yes (on matching overload)
userID ID of user to mute ulong yes (on matching overload)

Return Type: User
v3.x Example:
            const string ScreenName = "JoeMayo";

            User unmutedUser = await twitterCtx.UnMuteAsync(ScreenName);

            Console.WriteLine("You un-muted {0}", unmutedUser.ScreenNameResponse);

Twitter API: mutes/users/destroy

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