IQbservable in Linq2Twitter

+2 from me. First, while the LINQ-based streaming API works, it's not intuitive because it was designed for queries. I remember starting out two years ago thinking, "this can't be right, what's ...

Id #32664 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 24 at 5:29 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Oct 21 at 5:35 AM by JoeMayo

Streaming: Close a stream on demand

Hello, I am working on a windows service that is capable of streaming the tweets from a user. Everything is working fine but I am trying to figure out a way to close gracefully. Based on the exam...

Id #32663 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 21 at 5:30 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Oct 20 at 3:11 PM by JoeMayo

Source code download totally different from NuGet package?

Hi, Is it me (yes it probably is) or is the source code download from Codeplex, with all the demos etc, really very different from the NuGet package? Nuget adds references to two DLLs - LinqToTwi...

Id #32656 | Release: None | Updated: Tue at 4:29 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Sep 12 at 3:18 PM by shakeydave

Assembly dependency problems in a Xamarin.iOS project

Hey Joe, first, thanks for LinqToTwitter -- it's great! I'm using Xamarin + Xamarin.Forms, and I'm using the appropriate (and latest) version of LinqToTwitter in each of my platform-specific proj...

Id #32655 | Release: None | Updated: Mon at 5:42 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Sep 11 at 11:49 PM by JoeMayo

Windows Phone 8.1

I have a Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 Universal app. When I try to add LinqToTwitter using Nuget, I get an error saying I'm targeting 8.1 and it rolls back. Is Windows Phone 8.1 not support? Wil...

Id #32649 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 22 at 5:02 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Aug 1 at 9:46 AM by GEOLOG

Error XML Serializing LinqToTwitter.User (LinqToTwitter.Geometry)

Hello, I think this error started occurring after I updated LinqToTwitter to version 3.0.2 from some 2.x version. Or I may have just added another assembly or something that started the issue whil...

Id #32632 | Release: None | Updated: Mon at 6:32 AM by JoeMayo | Created: May 6 at 1:59 PM by JoeMayo

Issue uploading background image without tile = true

Hi, Having an issue with the UpdateAccountBackgroundImage function. I cannot upload any image without setting the 'tile' bool to be true. I have tried both byte array and file path string, the ...

Id #32616 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 20 at 4:27 AM by JoeMayo | Created: Feb 25 at 3:57 AM by JoeMayo

Add Stream Parser

The streaming APIs need a stream parser. There was a 3rd party project a while ago, but it hasn't kept up with changes to LINQ to Twitter.

Id #32609 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 23 at 10:47 PM by JoeMayo | Created: Feb 7 at 4:06 PM by JoeMayo

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