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Get Blocked Users

Find out who a user is blocking.

Entity: Blocks
Type: BlockingType.Blocking
Name Purpose Type Required
Cursor Separates results into pages ulong no
PerPage Number of results per page int no
Page Page to return. Defaults to first page. int no
SkipStatus Exclude status information bool no

v3.0 Example:
            var blockResponse =
                    (from block in twitterCtx.Blocks
                     where block.Type == BlockingType.List
                     select block)

            if (blockResponse != null && blockResponse.Users != null)
                blockResponse.Users.ForEach(user =>

v2.1 Example:
            var block =
                (from blockItem in twitterCtx.Blocks
                 where blockItem.Type == BlockingType.Blocking
                 select blockItem)

                user => Console.WriteLine("User, {0} is blocked.", user.Name));

Note: Get a single Blocks object and query the Users collection.

Twitter API: blocks/blocking

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