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Performing Reverse Geocode Lookups

Lets you provide latitude and longitude to get back location/place information.

Entity: Geo
Type: GeoType.Reverse
Name Purpose Type Required
Accuracy Radius to search string no
Granularity Minimum granularity of place types string no
Lat Latitude to search dec yes
Long Longitude to search dec yes
MaxResults Max nearby results int no

            var geoResponse =
                (from g in twitterCtx.Geo
                 where g.Type == GeoType.Reverse &&
                       g.Latitude == 37.78215 &&
                       g.Longitude == -122.40060
                 select g)

            if (geoResponse != null && geoResponse.Places != null)
                geoResponse.Places.ForEach(place =>
                        "Name: {0}, Country: {1}, Type: {2}",
                        place.Name, place.Country, place.PlaceType));

Twitter API: geo/reverse_geocode

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