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Raw Queries

A raw query lets you manually add URL segments and parameters to execute any HTTP GET endpoint in the Twitter API.

Entity: Raw
Type: N/A
Name Purpose Type Required
QueryString URL segments + query parameters string yes

  1. Don't include the Base URL in the query string, as it is already set in your TwitterContext instance.
  2. Url Encode all parameters.
            string unencodedStatus = "LINQ to Twitter";
            string encodedStatus = Uri.EscapeDataString(unencodedStatus);
            string queryString = "search/tweets.json?q=" + encodedStatus;

            var rawResult =
                (from raw in twitterCtx.RawQuery
                 where raw.QueryString == queryString
                 select raw)

            if (rawResult != null)
                    "Response from Twitter: \n\n" + rawResult.Response);

Twitter API: Any HTTP GET endpoint in the Twitter API

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