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Retrieving Available Trend Locations

Get locations where trends are occurring.

Entity: Trends
Type: TrendType.Available
Name Purpose Type Required
Lat Latitude coordinate dec yes
Long Longitude coordinate dec yes
v3.0 Example:
            var trendsResponse =
                (from trend in twitterCtx.Trends
                 where trend.Type == TrendType.Available
                 select trend)

            if (trendsResponse != null && trendsResponse.Locations != null)
                    loc => Console.WriteLine("Location: " + loc.Name));
v2.1 Example:
            var trends =
                from trnd in twitterCtx.Trends
                where trnd.Type == TrendType.Available
                select trnd;

            var trend = trends.FirstOrDefault();

                loc => Console.WriteLine(
                    "Name: {0}, Country: {1}, WoeID: {2}",
                    loc.Name, loc.Country, loc.WoeID));

Twitter API: trends/available

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