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Search Entity

The search entity contains properties about searches. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
Count Number of tweets to retrieve for each page. Max is 100. int no
Geocode Location specified as "latitude,longitude,radius" string yes
IncludeEntities Omits entities when set to false. Default is true. bool no
Lang Language to return tweets in as defined by ISO-639-1. string no
Locale Language of search query string yes
MaxID Return tweets earlier than or equal to this ID ulong no
Query Search query string yes
RefreshUrl Query string to refresh this search string no
ResultType Metadata for type of result - mixed, recent, or popular string yes
SearchLanguage Returns tweets of specified language string yes
SearchMetadata Additional information about query SearchMetaData no
SinceID Return tweets later than this ID ulong yes
SinceIDResult SinceID returned from Twitter ulong no
Statuses Tweet data returned from search List of Status no
Type Type of search SearchType yes
Until Return tweets until this date DateTime yes

Twitter API: tweets

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