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Sending a Spam Notification

Block a user and report them as spam
public static User ReportSpam(string userID, string screenName);
public static User ReportSpam(string userID, string screenName, Action<TwitterAsyncResponse<User>> callback);
Name Purpose Type Required
callback APM async callback Action<TwitterAsyncResponse<User>> no
userID ID of user to report string only if screenName is empty
screenName Screen name of user to report string only if userID is empty

Note: userID or screenName must be provided.

Return Type: User
            var spammer = twitterCtx.ReportSpam(null, null, "Greer_105");
            Console.WriteLine("Spammer \"{0}\" Zapped! He he :)", spammer.Name);

            // after the first one, subsequent calls won't report spam to Twitter
            // but hopefully you can see my enthusiasm for this API;
            // besides, a couple extra examples might be helpful - Joe

            spammer = twitterCtx.ReportSpam("84705854", null, null);
            Console.WriteLine("Spammer \"{0}\" Zapped again! Ha Ha :)", spammer.Name);

            spammer = twitterCtx.ReportSpam(null, "84705854", null);
            Console.WriteLine("Spammer \"{0}\" is so gone! ... and don't come back! :)", spammer.Name);

Twitter API: report spam

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