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Status Entity

The status entity contains properties about tweets. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
Annotation Meta-data applied to tweet Annotation no
CreatedAt Tweet creation date (UTC) DateTime no
Contributors List of contributors List of Contributors no
Coordinates Coordinate information Coordinates no
Count Number of tweets to return; max is 200 int yes
CurrentUserRetweet ID of source status of retweet if IncludeMyRetweet is true. Set to 0 if IncludeMyRetweet is false or tweet not retweeted by authenticating user int yes
Entities Entities connected to the status Entities no
ExcludeReplies Exclude tweet replies bool yes
FavoriteCount Number of times the tweet was favorite int? no
Favorited Whether the status is Favorited or not bool no
ID Tweet ID string yes
IncludeContributorDetails Include more than just contributor ID bool no
InReplyToScreenName Screen name of user being replied to string no
InReplyToStatusID ID of status being replied to string yes
InReplyToUserID ID of user being replied to string no
MaxID Return tweets earlier than or equal to this ID ulong yes
Page Page to retrieve int yes
Place Place where status was created Place no
PossiblySensitive Whether tweet is possibly sensitive or not bool no
RetweetCount Number of times retweeted int no
Retweeted Whether status has been retweeted or not bool no
RetweetedStatus Whether it was a retweet of a retweeted status Status no
ScreenName Screen name string no
SinceID Return tweets later than this ID ulong yes
Source Source of the tweet string no
StatusID Status ID string no
Text Tweet text string no
TrimUser Return only user status ID and tweet bool yes
Truncated Whether the tweet is truncated or not bool no
User User information User no
Users List of User List of User no
UserID User ID string yes

Twitter API: tweets

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