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Stream Multiple User Messages

Return multiple users' messages as a stream.

Type: UserStreamType.Site
Name Purpose Type Required
Delimited Tweets are delimited in the stream string no
Follow Comma-separated list of user IDs to return tweets for string no
Replies Return additional replies string no
StallWarnings Whether stall warnings should be delivered bool no
With Include messages of accounts that the users follow string no

Return Type: JSON string. Note: azyobuzin has created UserStreamsParser for LinqToTwitter
            Console.WriteLine("\nStreamed Content: \n");
            int count = 0;

            (from strm in twitterCtx.UserStream
             where strm.Type == UserStreamType.Site &&
                   //strm.With == "followings" &&
                   strm.Follow == "15411837"//,16761255"
             select strm)
            .StreamingCallback(strm =>
                Console.WriteLine(strm.Content + "\n");

                if (count++ >= 10)

Twitter API: site

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