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User Entity

The user entity contains properties about user information. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
BannerSizes List of banner sizes List<BannerSize> no
Categories Twitter Suggested Users categories List of Category no
CreatedAt Tweet creation date string no
ContributorsEnabled Whether contributors is enabled bool no
Cursor Which page to retrieve - Previous or Next string no
CursorMovement Contains Previous and Next cursors Cursors no
DefaultProfile User's profile has not been configured bool no
DefaultProfileImage Whether it is default placeholder image bool no
Description User description string no
FavoritesCount Number of favorites int no
FollowersCount Number of followers int no
Following Whether authenticated user is following this user bool no
FollowRequestSent Whether authenticated user has sent request to follow this user bool no
FriendsCount Number of friends int no
GeoEnabled Whether geo track is supported bool no
ID User's Twitter ID string yes
Identifier Identity properties of specific user UserIdentifier no
Lang Display language string yes
LangResponse Language to return results as string no
ListedCount Number of lists user is a member of int no
Location User location string no
Name Name of user string no
Notifications Type of device notifications bool no
Page Page to retrieve int yes
PerPage Number of users per page int yes
ProfileBackgroundColor Background color of profile string no
ProfileBackgroundImageUrl Background image URL of profile string no
ProfileBackgroundImageUrlHttps Background profile image used on HTTPS pages string no
ProfileBackgroundTile Whether background image tiles bool no
ProfileImageUrl User image URL string no
ProfileImageUrlHttps Image used on HTTPS pages string no
ProfileLinkColor Color of profile links string no
ProfileSidebarBorderColor Border color of sidebar string no
ProfileSidebarFillColor Background color of profile sidebar string no
ProfileTextColor Color of profile text string no
ProfileUseBackgroundImage Whether background image is used bool no
Protected Whether user is protected bool no
Query Search query string yes
ScreenName Screen name string yes
ShowAllInlineMedia Whether it is enabled bool no
SkipStatus Skip status information bool yes
Slug Short list name used to identify suggested users category string yes
Status User status string no
StatusCount Number of user statuses int no
Url User URL string no
TimeZone Time zone string no
Translator Whether user is a translator bool no
Type Type of user request - Friends, Followers, Show UserType no
UserID User ID string yes
UtcOffset UTC offset int no
Verified Verified account bool no

Twitter API: users

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