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Vine Entity

The Vine entity contains properties supporting Twitter's Vine service. The input column designates whether the property is populated by the user and not Twitter (yes) or if it is a property populated by Twitter (no).
Name Purpose Type Input
ID ID of vine to query string yes
Url Url of vine to query string yes
MaxWidth Maximum width of script int yes
MaxHeight Maximum height of script int yes
OmitScript Don't include script bool yes
Version Vine version double no
TypeResponse Type of response. e.g. video bool no
CacheAge Age of cache long no
ProviderName Video provider string no
ProviderUrl URL of video provider string no
AuthorName Person who published video string no
AuthorUrl URL for person who published video string no
Title Name of video string no
ThumbnailUrl Still thumbnail image from video string no
ThumbnailWidth Width of thumbnail image int no
ThumbnailHeight Height of thumbnail image int no
Html Html/script for embedded video string no
Width Video width int no
Height Video height int no

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